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I want this badly! Screen Rant reviews it favorably and it seems to really compliment those (like me) who really loved the film.

If you’ve seen the movie, this will be a very funny. If you haven’t, this will ruin your enjoyment of the film.

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of Prometheus from Michael Coleman on Vimeo. Yes! I was hoping this would come out soon. The SoundWorks Collection delves into the amazing sound design heard in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

Whoa, I’ve never seen this trailer before, but it’s definitely the best one out. I can’t get over that automated surgical machine in the film. It’s so cool. I want one.

I saw the midnight showing of this film last night. While the film has gotten mixed reviews from just about all reputable film review sites, I honestly enjoyed this film 100%. It looked amazing and the story had me thinking the whole way through. Of course, with all summer blockbusters, I highly encourage you to […]