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Promo video from The Municipal Art Society of New York, the organization that has taken responsibility for the Tribute In Lights memorial every year in NYC for the 9/11 victims. If you look outside tonight, the Tribute In Lights are on.

I use MapBox terrain in Satellite Eyes and I’m reading an article at the moment about MapBox and how it’s trying to make a Cloudless Atlas. Really interesting. But before I get to that article, check out their cutesy promo video for their company. I gotta keep this in mind the next time I make an […]

A promo for The 80s: The Decade That Made Us, a show on National Geographic Channel. This looks interesting. Like a better version of VH1′s I Love The 80s.

If you’re in Chicago, maybe you should check out the Emporium Arcade Bar. Here are a few promos made for them by Optimus II Design.