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Adobe released this promo video for their Adobe Digital Publishing Suite which shows how it has helped Martha Stewart Living create the best digital representation of their print magazine on the iPad. I work day in and day out with Martha Stewart and I’m really excited at where this technology is headed as the work […]


I love the look of this Wizard of Oz promotional letterhead that Letterheady posted today. Apparently this letterhead was used by MGM during the promotional period for the film in 1939.

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A new foldable bike from EZpro called the db0 (divided by zero) comes with a very, very odd promotional video that sorta makes me wonder what happened behind the scenes as they were thinking this one up. Anyway, the db0 features a hybrid system that provides pedaling assistance when you turn it on and it […]

I don’t know a thing about Hutchinson bicycle tires, but if I were to judge them based on this ad alone, I’d say that they’re probably the best bicycle tire company around. This ad/promotional video is absolutely gorgeous! [via]