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I follow David on Instagram and his account is probably the most unique and interesting of all the accounts I follow. His view of North Korea is not only rare but also very thought-provoking.

Here are some videos from Timbuk2′s Distilled collection. I’ve been using the Walker Backpack for the last few days and it’s quickly become one of my favorite daily carries. No bulk, just all the essentials in a premium waxed canvas package. Two more videos inside.

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A little overkill honestly, but this is pretty remarkable that they managed to make this in such a slim formfactor. I guess it’s a Pelican? Right? With 13 days to go, it looks like they won’t be making their goal unfortunately.

I saw this video of an earthquake-proof bed over at Gizmodo. This “earthquake-proof” bed is called the Wood Luck bed and it’s made by Shinko Industries in Japan and is made to withstand circumstances which would otherwise crush a sleeper hiding in his/her bed during an earthquake. It’s basically a mini-fortress inside a home that […]

The Pentagon has released at least 3 silent video tapes of Osama Bin Laden rehearsing some sort of speech in front of the camera in an effort to prove to the few leftover skeptics that they indeed kill Osama and obtain his substantial cache of terrorist information from his compound. If you’re reading this post […]