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Not as glamorous as other proposal videos, but here’s Breon Nagy proposing to his girlfriend while recording it on Google Glass.


This is a really sweet way to propose. After writing “Marry Me” on an iPhone screen cover, Jerrit, a writer for Fstoppers, stuck the piece of film onto the mirror of his Nikon SLR and asked his girlfriend to focus a shot of him in a vineyard. While looking through the viewfinder, his girlfriend saw […]

Tonight is the series finale of one of my favorite shows ever on television. I’m going through some of my favorite moments and this one where Jim proposes to Pam at the gas station is definitely at the top of the list.

On March 30, 2013, Tim and Bennie took a walk in the gloomy weather in The Castro and happened upon a flashmob dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. Unbeknownst to Bennie is the fact that Tim has planned this whole thing out with the help of SF Flashmob Crew¬†and at the end of the dance, Tim […]

Epic pranksters PrankvsPrank fool a lot of people on Valentine’s Day by staging a proposal in front of a lot of people and recording the crowd’s reaction as the girl denies and runs away. So funny!