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This is awesome! Ford’s new Freeform Fabrication Technology brings down the time it takes to stamp sheet metal from 6-8 weeks to overnight. The system reads a CAD file and then uses robotic points (like a pen) to bend the metal to the desired shape. For prototypes and concept vehicles, this is a godsend I’m […]

Wow, this new McLaren looks really nice. Sounds weird though. Like something is rattling uncontrollably while the car is on.


A fascinating look at Hartmut Esslinger’s early designs and prototypes of Apple products when his company Frogdesign was given the task of making Apple products the best designed products in the world by Steve Jobs.

Facebook Prototype – Conceptional Approach from Fred Nerby on Vimeo. If the world goes according to Fred Nerby, then we will see a Facebook that definitely resembles the Metro style of Windows 8. Let’s hope it doesn’t go that way. But as a whole, this is fantastic and imaginative approach to the static Facebook page.