Huh. This was a really interesting human interest piece from The Verge about studies being conducted right now with people suffering from PTSD and the effects of MDMA on their psyche. It turns out that MDMA, often seen as a dangerous recreational drug, has some positive effects in treating people with PTSD. Nothing is concrete […]

Watch this video from TIME Magazine about veteran David Sharpe who found love and companion in a rescued pitbull. Sharpe now helps other veterans dealing with PTSD to be paired with dogs so that they too can be helped in the way he was.

The Wall Street Journal produced this amazing video piece on Iraq War Veteran Ian Welch who was diagnosed with PTSD and traumatic brain injury after going through an attack on his convoy during a mission in Iraq. The video was filmed over the course of 2 months by Brandon Thibodeaux who documented Ian’s daily troubles […]