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I’ve posted this guy’s videos before and they are always a bit enraging, awkward, and somewhat enlightening in a way. For those of you who aren’t familiar (since he’s been off of YouTube for a while and just recently resurfaced), SurveillantCameraMan is a guy who goes around in public and films people on video up close. No […]

Here’s something to watch out for the next time you take the NYC Subway. I first caught word of this video over at Untapped Cities in an article about why most of the public restrooms in NYC Subway stations are closed/locked or non operational. The conclusion isn’t hard to draw upon, after all, lots of […]


Here’s something I didn’t know. Untapped Cities has shared images of the somewhat secret elevated park at 55 Water Street in Downtown Manhattan. The park is located up a flight of escalators at the address shown and was completed in the 1970s. It is known as the “Elevated Acre” and its purpose was to allow […]


This is really unsettling to see. Deadspin published a map of the highest paid public employees for each state in the US and found that football coaches are making bank! Yes, odds are that your state’s football coach is probably making more than your governor, mayor, senator, etc. after bonuses each year. It’s important to […]

Posting this because of the train shots. But if you’re curious to know what this is, it’s a public art project funded in part by Levi’s called Station To Station. The art project begins in September 2013 and will involve a train traveiling from the Atlantic all the way to the Pacific with stops at certain […]