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I forget exactly when this photo was taken, but it was probably around 2005 since I still recall which class this was taken for when I was at Parsons. This wasn’t an initial select of mine from that roll (yes, this was taken on 35mm film), but coming across it this many years later I […]

I like this idea but the projected fundraising budget for this particular project ($250,000) is much higher than most other projects I’ve seen on Kickstarter. Plus, have you seen those suggested retail prices?! Not quite sure this is going to fly in the cycling community (but I’ve been wrong before). [via]

For those who don’t know, most of New Jersey has full-service gas stations (meaning a gas station attendant fills your gas while you sit in your car). For these two Jersey girls, the task of filling up gas out of state is both a major accomplishment and a major failure. Also, BIG BOOBS=viral video, right?


Photos by Herman Yung Here are some photos I took yesterday. Check out the rest by clicking the small thumbnails below the bigger photos.