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Watch this amazing collaboration between JT Singh and Rob Whitworth filmed inside North Korea. The video was produced closely with Koryo Tours, North Korea’s leading tourism board. Really interesting…

So wild. North Korea is normally known as a highly secretive place, allowing almost not diversion from their usual “guided tours” of the country’s capital. But for some reason, the DPRK allowed this guy to attach a GoPro to the windshield of a tour van and get a non-stop look at the city’s urban streets. […]


A fascinating article in Bloomberg Businessweek recently shed light on one of the less famous aspects of North Korean culture — that is, the Mansudae Art Studio in Pyongyang. The Mansudae Art Studio is a massive 30-acre art factory opened in 1959 that employs roughly 4000 Koreans all there to create propaganda for North Korea […]


So today I found out that this exists – an entire subreddit for the distribution of pro-North Korean news.


Photo: Ng Han Guan/Associated Press The only thing lit up at night in Pyongyang is this portrait of Kim Il Sung. How scary.