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So this is the craziest thing I’ve seen today. Also the funniest. This is Julius the giant yellow python opening a door made for humans. And then PLOP! Haha, hilarious!

Man, I miss this man. He made learning about animals exciting and unpredictable. His enthusiasm was infectious and frankly, I know more about deadly Australian animals because of him than from any other source. Anyway, watch until the end of this video to witness Steve Irwin taking out a 200 pound python onto the Conan […]

So word is that NYC got itself a Python Pothole Patcher. What is that? Well, it’s an automated machine that is operable by as few as just 1 man and it can patch and fill a 2′ pothole in about 2 minutes. Nice.

Well here’s something you don’t get to witness every day. This woman owns a frighteningly large yellow python and videotapes herself giving it a bath. Also…I didn’t know snakes needed to be bathed. Weird. But also kind of awesome too!