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Remember the artist who turned his dead cat into a flying machine/quadrotor? Well, the same person has just turned an ostrich into a flying quadcopter and it’s just as creepy and weird as his first creation. He calls it the OstrichCopter. Here are 2 videos below.

Clay Folden’s RC quadrotor reel flying over LA, Silver Lake, and Hollywood.

I wish I could understand what they were saying. But even without the translation, you get the sense that these two men are super excited about happening upon a curious moose in the woods with their quadcopter. [via]

I’ve posted a couple of quadrotor videos in the past but this one takes them all and puts them into a cohesive video that explains their purpose, their agility, and the science and technology behind them all. Vijay does a great job of explaining their pros and cons here. Stay until the end to see […]

This is rather impressive. Some of those autonomous quadrotor machines I posted earlier are now capable of juggling a ball with each other and also by themselves! Check out this video of it happening above.