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Remember when Jay Shells put up signs in NYC with rap lyrics? He’s doing the same now in LA at the appropriate street corners of course.

This video solidifies my reasoning to never, ever, ever, ever get a “famous quote” tattooed. Because for all I know, that quote is just wrong. And unless I’ve actually HEARD the person say it, then I’m just going to assume it’s wrong.


As you may know from my Instagram, I’ve been reading this book called Walkable City about how good and proper city and urban planning can lead to a generally more healthy and happy population. I’m just getting into the book now, but already certain things are standing out, like the excerpt below about car-centric cities. […]

Just Dave created an entire song out of Mike Tyson quotes. And then he made a lyric music video for it. Download the song here! [via]


This blog is going to be popular. I can tell. Read the funny things Siri says here.