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It takes a special type of ignorance to grow up in this day and age and not know how offensive blackface is — especially in America. Take for example, the folks behind this May 2013 installs preview video for UC Irvine’s largest Asian Greek fraternity Lambda Theta Delta. In the video, which has obviously caused a […]

Indiana kid named Samuel Hendrickson posts racist Asian rant online

This whole over-sharing culture we are indulging in has its perks but it also has its pitfalls, as this Indiana University student named Samuel Hendrickson can probably tell you. Last night, he uploaded a video entitled “Why I’d Hate To Be Asian (Totally Not Racist)” to his Facebook account listing all of the stereotypical reasons why […]


I’ve seen this article passed on via some people I know on Facebook and Twitter and it’s baffled me enough times now that I feel like I need to write a post about it. In an article over at xojane, the author Jenny An writes about how she’s incredibly racist to her own people and […]

Circle Nightclub in Manhattan is in hot water after Fox 5 (NY) caught them denying entry to non-Asian individuals and also rigging their site for non-event reservations. Haha, close this place down!