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I saw one of these the other day [empty] and wondered what it was. Now I know.


I have a rear rack already, but I’d be interested in a front rack that sort of looks like this one from State Bicycle Co. And wow…this is only $40? Crazy cheap!

The ending is sad, because through some idiotic bureaucracy  he was forced to remove it or face eviction from his studio. So lame.


Ever wanted a bike rack that could also serve as a beautiful piece of artwork on your wall? Well, here’s one called the Statement Bike Rack. It’s made in the USA from quality birch wood and aluminum hardware and folds away beautifully when not in use. For a pledge of just $190, the bike rack […]


Antonio Scarponi of Conceptual Devices has designed this cabinet called Hotello for the Swiss firm daskonzept. The 4-sq-meter room that comes from this rolling cabinet was made in conjunction with Roberto de Luca and is intended to help fill temporary vacant warehouses, factories, and other buildings quickly and affordably.