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Wow, this is so moving. Magic of Rahat (famous for his drive-thru pranks) happened upon a homeless man near his home and decided to give the man $1000 in a very clever way. It’s a prank, sure, (or rather, a setup of sorts) but not the kind that you think of when you normally hear […]


This is the best Black Friday deal I’ve seen. Cards Against Humanity is┬áraising the prices of their cards for one day only. Don’t miss out.


The single-park day pass for Disneyland has now risen $5 to $92 as of today. Man, that really sucks.

I learned the other day that despite its massive debt, the USPS isn’t allowed to just raise stamp prices on its own to make up for it. They can only raise stamp prices at the same rate as inflation. And inflation is happening (it’s always happening)! This Sunday, the USPS will raise the price of […]

Trailer & Featurette – Mad As Hell: Rise of the Young Turks from Andrew Napier on Vimeo. With only 13 days left to raise a total of $100,000, the outlook is beginning to look a bit grim for Director Andrew Napier of the film Mad As Hell: Rise of The Young Turks. The documentary is […]