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Remember that LumiLor Lit Tesla? Here’s that same paint job (whatever you want to call it) on a Range Rover. GLOW!

Land Rover secretly bought a fan’s junk Defender and restored it to its original glory, complete with original stickers.

This truck is pretty neat. The Terminator I mean. Not the Range Rover. The Terminator can be driven autonomously or via remote control (like a drone) and it can even deflate it’s tires remotely for better grip (wait, I thought that was a myth).

This is so neat. Wish I could see this in person. The installation is made by Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner of HollwichKushner (HWKN), and is on display in the Meatpacking District in NYC.

Haha, “the official vehicle of the AYSO“. So true. There’s probably more of these vehicles in super-rich neighborhoods than in the actual wilderness/outback.