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Wow, this is so random. Apparently the actual raptor cage from Jurassic ParkĀ is on eBay right now at nearly $100,000. A steal if you’ve got the space and the need for a model Raptor (which comes included!). Bid here! See more images inside.

Dude! Look at the front grill lights on these custom Ford Raptors.

Think the Ford Raptor is already a beast? Check out this ICON modification.

Wow, ICON turned an already awesome pickup truck into a bespoke pickup truck!

I was just in the Mojave Desert not too long ago and I can confirm that it is a beautiful, wonderful place to be. Mountains on one side and glorious desert landscape on the other. It’s a good escape from this LA life (NY life too!). Also, I must make a trip to Rhyolite, Nevada […]