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I love this girl from Rocketboom. Anyway, what she’s explaining here is basically how memes come into popular culture and drop off the radar once everybody (it seems) has found out about it. When everybody knows, it ain’t funny anymore I guess.


Hailed as an effort to fix “the biggest lie on the web” (that is, agreeing to a site or service’s Terms of Service), Terms of Service; Didn’t Read┬áhopes to break down ToS’s everywhere to make it simpler for the regular person to understand. With ratings, bullet points, and color-coded letter systems, ToS; DR sounds like […]


I’m beginning to notice lately that even though I ride less and skid-stop less here in LA, my tires wear down a lot faster than they did when I was riding in NYC. A weird phenomenon that I cannot explain. There are no comments so you cannot even chime in!

Jotly is a new app for Android and iOS devices that lets you rate everything. There are no categories, no restrictions, and you can share every single rating on every single social network that exists now and will exist later in the future. It’s the only app you need…heheheheheheehehehehehe. PS: Those on-screen floating graphics are […]

Profoto Fight Night from S1 Group on Vimeo. Profoto shows off their incredibly fast strobe refresh times on their new Profoto Pro-8a packs by inviting two professional MMA fighters to S1 Studios in Toronto, Canada and photographing them while they fight. The packs are able to recycle at an astonishing 8-10 frames per second so […]


Wow, I guess it’s sort of a good thing that I came back to the US in July when the exchange rate between the Australian Dollar was almost 1:1 with the American Dollar. If I came back now, I’d be short of a lot of cash that I made in Australia. I still want to […]