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A very concise and excellent look at how movie ratings have deteriorated from their original intent over time and how certain movie studios are butchering some movies’ original scripts in order to make more money.


This is truly damning evidence of the failure of DRM to make anything enjoyable and seamless for the consumer. In an effort to curb piracy, EA has implemented an “always-on” DRM-checking connection to their own servers. Without an internet connection you simply cannot play the game. And without proper servers from EA, you cannot play […]


Hailed as an effort to fix “the biggest lie on the web” (that is, agreeing to a site or service’s Terms of Service), Terms of Service; Didn’t Read hopes to break down ToS’s everywhere to make it simpler for the regular person to understand. With ratings, bullet points, and color-coded letter systems, ToS; DR sounds like […]

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Kanye West’s latest released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is good. So good in fact that Pitchfork just gave it 10/10. That’s crazy. I don’t even know what else to write about this news…


Take a look at Dan Meth’s Trilogy Meter, a quick way to see what he thinks of individual films inside famous trilogy features. Some of the films went on to span more than 3 movies, but he focuses on the original set of 3 that each were intended for. I agree that the third movie […]