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This is really funny. Using the line graphs from voter approval ratings in the Republican Party, Mepler has created a line of butt plugs for all major candidates.


A new app called Stamped aims to simplify the whole rating process (and business) by making you and your friends — the only people who really matter when it comes to ratings — the creators of your own very personalized rating directory. And with a limited amount of “Stamps” to dish out in an allotted […]


If you haven’t already heard, NBC has taken Community off the air for the mid-season schedule. It’s not cancelled, but it’s not too far-fetched to think that it might be very soon especially with it’s low TV ratings this season. This surprises me to some extent because I really, really love Community. A lot. I […]


Ever wonder how TV ratings get tallied up and calculated? ESPN asked JESS3 to come up with a creative way to show how it’s all done through Nielsen box-top sets and in the end, JESS3 decided to use fool-proof puppetry to do the trick! Very well done and entertaining. It’s not a weekday, but who […]


If you attend Sarah Lawrence College in Westchester County, New York, then congratulations because not only are you receiving what is said to be the nation’s best liberal arts education, you are also being billed the most of any college/university in the entire nation. Note however, that the cost of attending and living on campus […]