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Now this is funny. Jeff Greenspan¬†placed a panhandler’s jar (donation jar) in front of a statue along the High Line in NYC and watched as the public thought the statue was a real person just acting like a statue. Amazingly, people started filling the jar with money which Jeff later donated in full to a […]

Haha, this is a great parody of the Dove Real Beauty Sketch ad released a couple of days ago.

Live-action Dora The Explorer becoming a 3-part mini-series

No way!  CollegeHumor is turning their parody trailer of a real-life Dora The Explorer into a real 3-part mini-series! And yes, it still stars Ariel Winter! Coming out soon!

One Farmer’s Quest to Raise the Perfect (Tasting) Pig

Carl Edgar Blake II of Restitution Farms is on a mission to raise “heritage black-colored American pigs” which produce far superior meat than the traditional “pink pigs” that most Americans eat. Really interested short piece from The New York Times. And hey, if somebody is on a quest to make better tasting prosciutto then I’m […]