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In a cruel twist, they also get Rebecca Black to comment on her own music video too.

Not sure if she’s making fun of herself here for Friday, or if she is planning on releasing songs in the future for the rest of the days of the week. Also, have you see the video of Rebecca Black reacting to her own Friday music video yet? You should. It’s pretty funny.

Nearly 2.5 years since the release of “Friday“, Rebecca Black revisits the music video that put her on the map — forever. Here she is reacting to her own music video from the past.

Very good to know that Patrice Wilson is still writing crappy pop songs for rich pre-teens looking to make it big with their embarrassing music videos. We all remember Rebecca Black’s Friday right? Same guy.

This song by Rebecca Black called “Person of Interest” was released in November of last year. Who’s making her music and music videos now that she’s broken her bond with Ark Music Factory?