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Fourteen-year-old Kathryn DiMaria can’t get her driver’s license for another two years, but that hasn’t stopped her from building the car of her dreams. At age 12, Kathryn convinced her parents to let her buy and begin restoring a 1986 Pontiac Fiero with $450 in babysitting money. Over the past two years, she has painstakingly […]

It looks like I went to Michigan Central Station just in time last year. According to the video above, a group of people are stripping the building from the inside and prepping it for reuse. Good news overall, but bad news for urban exploration enthusiasts I suppose.

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The information shown in this infographic is just unacceptable. According to GOOD, the Department of Defense is unable to account for 96% of the 9.1 billion it has allocated for rebuilding Iraq. Yep, that’s about $8.7 billion that has vanished into thin air apparently. WTF.


Shown in the images and video here is the Ouroborus, an installation piece made by Karl Lautman that shows a circular line of dominoes falling over and then automatically setting themselves upright again. The whole process repeats 5 times and ends with all of the dominoes standing. [via]