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Limited to just 25 pairs, shown here is one of the very rare sunglasses from Capital made from reclaimed 1000+ years old Redwood. They come with Carl Zeiss lenses for $350 (or polarized Carl Zeiss lenses for $390). Interested?

Experiment No. 3 – Scrap Surf from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo. Here’s a video of Shwood founder Eric Singer helping to create a custom surfboard using reclaimed wood from Oregon’s coast.


Wow, look at that amazing raised pool at Olle Lundberg’s cabin in Cazadero, California. Olle Lundberg is a designer for IKEA and also an architect who built this place using reclaimed wood from previous projects he’s worked on. Amazing.

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A furniture company named uhuru has created some pieces of furniture out of the demolished Coney Island boardwalk from earlier this year. The Coney Island Line includes the lounge chair above, a couple of tables, and a lamp, all made from reclaimed boardwalk wood from Brooklyn’s iconic amusement park. Pretty neat!