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Third Man Records, owned by Jack White, has opened a 1947 Voice-o-Graph machine in their Nashville studio. What is it? It’s the world’s only working recording booth that records onto 6″ vinyl. It is open to the public and runs on custom Third Man Record tokens which you can purchase at their giftshop.

You know, I never really thought about this, but it’s true, nobody really knows what dinosaurs sounded like. But I bet when most people think of dinosaurs making sounds, they hear the sounds made for the film Jurassic Park (which are explained in quite some detail in the video above). [via]


Back in 2002, my brothers (Simon and Norman), Brandon, and I recorded a CD for our friend Steph Shieh’s sweet 16. It was pretty hilarious and definitely musically sound from what I remember. None of us would have thought that 9 years later, Steph Shieh would marry Norman and become Steph Yung! This is a […]

This is absolutely deplorable and unacceptable behavior from the NYPD. A kid named Alvin managed to record audio of an incident in which he was stopped by NYPD and frisked quite abusively for no reason other than he was looking at the cops behind him. Despicable. The police are supposed to help, not instill fear […]