Fstoppers got in touch with portrait photographer Peter Hurley and asked him to compare shooting still images with a Haselblad H3D to shooting motion video with a RED Epic and then grabbing still frames from that video. It’s an ambitious task that Peter took on quite nicely and in the end, he says cameras like […]

Here’s a totally neat video showing the OMCOPTER, a remote-controlled flying camera rig, carrying the RED EPIC.

Rick Rifici filmed Taj Burrow with a RED EPIC in the water at 300fps.

Fstoppers posted this video from StillMotion on how they used a RED Epic camera to shoot an environmental spot for Shedd Aquarium. How they put it all together using the RED Epic is pretty phenomenal to watch. The spot can be seen below.

Fstoppers posted this video of a RED Epic being hoisted into the air by an octocopter drone. That’s one seriously expensive insurance claim if anything went wrong.