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Also known as the Red Hook Grain Terminal. Here’s a video from the inside.


Photo: NYC Municipal Archives Wow, the Red Hook Grain Terminal which stands abandoned today in Red Hook remains largely unchanged from its appearance in the 1930s. As you might recall, I ventured into the abandoned Red Hook Grain Terminal back in 2009.


Palladium Boots has unveiled a short video about exploring the urban ruins of New York City (and the surrounding boroughs). In the video, they hit up big spots like the Freedom Tunnel, the Glenwood Power Plant, and the Red Hook Grain Terminal. I’ve been to all 3 and I’ve shown photos here of the places […]


This past Saturday, Simon and I ventured into the abandoned grain factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The building is a massive eye-sore in the neighborhood because of its dilapidated state as well as its enormous size jutting out from the piers. There are apparently some plans floating in the air to turn it into a […]


If you’re wondering why there have been no posts today, it’s because I’ve been here. More pictures to come so stay tuned.