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Overall, I like what Peter Smart did here. Putting all of the most important information at a glance is crucial and making the boarding pass easier to carry and handle is a nice touch as well. I recently flew American Airlines and their new boarding pass is already similar to Peter’s interpretation here which I […]

A wonderful talk by Janette Sadik-Khan on how she and her organization have made major headways in making NYC one of the safest urban cities for pedestrians and cyclists. If you’ve lived in NYC in the last few years you undoubtedly have seen her work in action. Towards the end of the video you get […]

If I actually used Yahoo! Mail, I’d be more excited I bet, but even though I don’t, I can still appreciate the brand new look and feel of the UI. Super simple, clean, and…well, I guess sort of like Gmail but with backgrounds!


This blog is just pure genius. A great commentary on the rather puzzling flat and neon-filled iOS 7 revealed on Monday during WWDC 2013. Jony Ive Redesigns Things

Google is rolling out a new redesigned Gmail experience for users that focuses on organization and sorting. This, to me, is what Priority Inbox should have been. Excited to see it in action in my own account.