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THE OX is a portrait of master woodworker Eric Hollenbeck and how he helps less fortunate kids stand up for themselves and make something with their own two hands.


Cool photo. If you really like it, you can have a chance at winning this and other photos from the National Geographic archives at this Christie’s auction. PHOTOGRAPH BY N.E. BECKWITH


Limited to just 25 pairs, shown here is one of the very rare sunglasses from Capital made from reclaimed 1000+ years old Redwood. They come with Carl Zeiss lenses for $350 (or polarized Carl Zeiss lenses for $390). Interested?


I posted previously about the amazing Redwood trees in California that were photographed for National Geographic by photographer Michael Nichols. Here is a video below of Michael Nichols talking about how he used a custom rig with 3 Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II’s to produce the hero shot on the cover of National Geographic. So […]


Photo: Michael Nichols Photographer and Editor-at-large at National Geographic, Michael Nichols, explains briefly in the video below on how he and a specialized team tackled the task of photographing a 300-foot tall Redwood tree in California. The photo, which ended up on the cover and in a 5-page spread in the October 2009 issue, is […]