Tag: reflection

A video by Paul Greenhouse shot in one take through the reflection of an eyeball. Through the whole music video, the eyeball is tearing up and crying.


I love the work here of Iván Navarro, a Chilean-born artist who uses lights and one-way mirrors to create illusions of infinite depth. [via]


You know what I was just thinking? I really like magazines like Monocle that use non-glossy pages for printing. It makes it easier to read and it sorta makes me feel like I’m reading a book rather than a magazine. I should read more books though.


I know it’s sort of cheesy, but I would really like this skateboard mirror for my room. It’s $180 though.


Photo: Eric Mercier Audi commissioned this installation by Arnaud Lapierre called The Ring in Paris. It’s made up of several mirrored cubes stacked in a cylindrical shape, each reflecting a slightly different angle from the viewer. So cool. Check out more photos of it here.


A Japanese company named Nippon Electric Glass has reduced the the reflection of light in glass by incorporating an anti-reflection film on each of the front and back sides of a piece of glass. Please put these on all glass surfaces everywhere! This would be funny at the mall.