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Remember 2002? Remember 1999? Well, now here’s a trip back in time to 1986, my birth year!

This is definitely not as good as the Remember 1999 video I posted earlier. But still a good way to travel back in time for about 6 minutes.

Do you miss Sisqo? Well, Everything Is Terrible is here to remind you why we forgot about this man in the first place.

A touching tribute to a pioneer explorer. At around the 8:45 mark, there’s an interesting story about why the Apollo 11 patch had no astronaut names on it (due in part because Neil Armstrong did not want credit given to him, but to the USA instead). Overall, a selfless man, who inspired many and changed […]

I’ve always wanted to go to Bethlehem Steel to check the place out. I understand a large portion of it has been torn down and is now the Sands Casino, but from what I hear, there’s still a sizable portion that’s just left standing from when the plant shut down in 1995.


olddoobybrain May 3, 2012 No Comments

Eusong Lee created this short and touching animation about a little girl who remembers her father who passed away in 9/11.