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I hiked Runyon Canyon yesterday and at the very top it looks like the park had removed the giant and beloved bench overlooking LA (as well as the normal sized one adjacent to it). Why? I don’t know if this is true, but the story goes that recently a woman hopped off the big bench […]

Photo by Steve Lyon Here’s a photo of the LA River with a ginormous MTA (Metro Transit Assassins) tag that stretched 2000 feet long by 60 feet high. The tag, which was removed last year, was at the time the largest graffiti tag in the world. Even though it’s gone now, I still want to […]


Photo by Steven Benga Curbed posted an image from Vanishing New York that shows the very well-known REVS/COST mural along The High Line being scrubbed away. The clean-up occurred over the weekend and by this morning, it was but a faint bit of paint on the brick wall (see photo above). This leaves a bitter […]