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I didn’t know this but I could see how it would make sense. The Wall Street Journal posted this video on the fishing industry’s practices in renaming and essentially “rebranding” fish as some other fish to sell more fish to people who wouldn’t otherwise know any better.

Australian underwear company Triumph has renamed their typical fruit-named underwear shapes with traditional painter’s name in an attempt to make women feel better about their body shapes. This will not work and this will not increase their sales.

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Kraft Foods Australia has come up with a new product that they shortly named iSnack 2.0.


Photo: Margaret Bourke-White The Triborough Bridge, the span of 3 bridges that connect Manhattan, Queens, and The Bronx, is now officially called the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. City Room reports that New York State has used about $4 million in state funds to make new signs for the bridge, even though they don’t expect most […]