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With rents so high in the city, I always wonder how people like this who do odd jobs in tiny shops stay in business.

I have no idea how this actually works or holds up in real-world settings, but GE somehow figured out how to repair old metals with a 3D printing device.

Repair Is Beautiful is a short film about Paulo Goldstein and his work to repair objects big and small with expert craftsmanship and design. From lawnchairs to iPods, Paulo has combined wood, thread, and metal to fix objects that he has either bought broken or broken himself through use.


I’ve been looking into purchasing a separate, smaller computer for travel use and while the new MBP 13″ with Retina Display is wonderful, the fact that it has a repairability score of 2 is quite disheartening. Can’t upgrade RAM, battery is…well, weird, and the hard drive isn’t the easiest to change out according to iFixit.