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Thanks to iFixit, I was able to replace my sucky iPhone 5 battery with a new one. You can too!

A wonderful history piece from The New York Times about New York’s bridges labeled “structurally deficient” and the effort underway to¬†fix and/or replace two specific bridges — the Tappan Zee Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge.

The New York Times asks the all-important question of whether Soylent can replace food altogether. If you don’t know what Soylent is, it’s a liquid mix of nutrients that your body needs to forego solid foods forever. One man (its founder) has already begun the Soylent-only diet and says its doable. You can sort of […]

I love this video from Public Ad Campaign about Nina Montenegro’s installation of imagining art in her community through the use of existing billboards and user-submitted artwork. Instead of defacing already-existing advertisements on billboards — something that undoubtedly could get you in some trouble — Nina erects this modified View Master stand and inserts artwork […]

I’ll be the first to say that I overuse the word “awesome”. Sometimes I’m just not thinking hard enough to come up with a better synonym so I just go the lazy route and insert the a-word. I’ve noticed this lately in a lot of my posts and I’ve made a conscious effort to curb […]


A new blog called Someone Else Will Put It Back attemps to explain the reason why somebody decided to leave an item on a different shelf far away from its original location. What makes somebody change their mind like so? Do spring onions really belong with hair gel? Who knows! [via]