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WOW! Chronicle Collectibles has created a replica of the Cain robot from Robocop 2. They are made to the exact specifications to the puppets used to make the film. Check out the close-up photos here!

ED-209. Definitely one of my favorite film robots of all time. I posted a preview of Shawn Thorsson at work on this robot previously but this is the first time I’m seeing the full life-size replica on display. So detailed and definitely one of the coolest replicas ever. So jealous that Shawn gets to have […]


This is pretty awesome. Anthony Toth, a resident in Redondo Beach, built a life-size replica of the interior of a PanAm 747. The replica sits inside a rather unassuming warehouse where guests can lounge, eat, and enjoy themselves in the comforts of the golden age of of aviation — without actually having to leave the […]


Growing up, the robot that I loved most was RoboCop and ED-209. ED-209 especially because at the time, it was the coolest looking robot I had ever seen and seeing it move in the movies was pretty amazing as a kid. Over the years, I’ve written about several ED-209 replicas and toys here on the […]

A man in New Jersey spent about 2 years constructing a 20′x17′ wooden replica of the old Giants stadium in his garage. The project cost the man approximately $20,000!


This looks like a real Nissan GT-R right? It’s not. It’s just a super-detailed 1/8th scale model made by UK model makers Amalgam. These fantastic replicas aren’t cheap however. They come with a $5000+ price tag which basically makes sure that unless your friends are as rich as you, chances are they won’t be owning […]