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OMG. This is so good. Nothing like pairing the images of an out-of-touch TV character (Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development) with the actual quotes of an out-of-touch Republican Presidential nominee (Mitt Romney). The results are uncanny and quite funny. [via]

This is really funny. Using the line graphs from voter approval ratings in the Republican Party, Mepler has created a line of butt plugs for all major candidates.


A new Harris Interactive poll suggests that there are many, many stupid people on all sides of the political spectrum. I just can’t help but think that if you answered “true” to some of the statements on this list, then you are ignorant beyond belief. I mean, sure, you can hate the guy all you […]


If you haven’t heard the big political news lately, I’ll fill you in: South Carolina Republican Representative Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” at President Barack Obama during his speech on health care and was subsequently turned into the enemy of the entire government for being disorderly and disruptive. To that end, a lot of people […]