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The Boston Globe just released this video of the Boston Marathon bombing synced with radio chatter from nearby EMS to better show the events of the day. The video was filmed by Steve Silva who was on scene filming people crossing the finish line.


I love this! The Los Angeles Times Data Desk has published a map showing how quickly the LAFD will get to you if you call in a fire. Dark pink areas suffer the worst response times, taking the LAFD nearly 10 minutes to reach a destination in that area. Luckily for me, there’s a fire […]

Wow, talk about complete stupidity. About a week after the tragic Aurora theater shooting in Colorado, an anonymous filmmaker dressed his nephew in sheets and rags and had him carry a large weapon on public streets to test the response time of local Phoenix police. He was arrested.

Sometimes I get sucked into reading Wikipedia articles (ie: Code 3). If you don’t want to read, watch the adrenaline-packed video above.

Watch as MARTINO AUTO CONCEPTS turns this Lamborghini into a firetruck-red beast complete with flashing lights and emergency reflectors all over the tail.