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When it’s late at night and you are tired, a subway seat is a good place to rest. But it’s not a good place to wake up. Ouch!


Photo by bend to squares on Flickr Probably not the best idea (or the most comfortable spot to rest), but it sure does make for a lovely photo.


This $25,000 14-karat gold-plated solid bronze casket from Batesville Casket Company will be the final resting place of Michael Jackson reports TMZ. 0_0


This exclusive collection of photos of Iron Man taking a doughnut break are pretty amusing. [via]


Design Public has this neat but expensive pod pet bed for sale. It’s an elevated cave-like home ideal for a cat to sleep or rest in. The Pod Pet Bed comes in 4 color variations (shown above) and each cost $115. If your cat doesn’t like enclosed spaces, you can take off the top cover […]