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I know this video is very long, but it was enlightening at times. It turns out that Paul Miller’s year away from the internet proved to only fix some of his life issues. Sure, he read some more and got to travel and see family, but also at some cost believe it or not. And […]

Springtime with Obaachan – Japan from Andy Ellis on Vimeo. I want a bathtub like the one shown around the 2:30 mark. Beautiful video of people returning to a sense of normalcy after the Japanese tsunami disaster.

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Just learned from BuzzFeed that former President Richard Nixon’s speechwriter, William Safire, was asked to draft a letter to address the nation should the Apollo 11 astronauts (Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong) find themselves stranded on the lunar surface (or if they die while en-route).


Ever since the Boy Scouts of America reaffirmed their decision to ban gays and lesbians in their ranks, many Eagle Scouts have renounced their membership and badges. Here’s a collection of some of them who decided to go public with it.