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I don’t order pizzas by the pie enough to know enough about different pizza box designs but I have something of a soft spot for this guy and his collection of pizza boxes. Everybody’s got to have a hobby, and his just so happens to be collecting pizza boxes. The amazing thing is how much […]

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There seems to be a new bottle company out in the market under the name Bamboo Bottle. The name tells you what the product is — a reusable bamboo bottle that’s made primarily of bamboo and a bit of glass and plastic. It’s advertised as BPA-free and looks to be a stylish alternative to the […]

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Hookturn Industries is selling this reusable silicone BYO coffee cup that comes in black, coffee-color, and white (2 sizes each). The cup is flexible to the touch but sturdy enough to carry like a regular cup. The silicone material can withstand heat up to 200-degrees Celsius (that’s almost 400-degrees F).

I’m taking the weekend to catch up on some old posts I’ve still got left open in my browser. One of those tabs is this Prepeat inkless and tonerless rewritable printer. It uses a special thermal head and special thermal-reactive paper to allow quick printing on rewritable paper. The “ink” stays on the paper until […]


So much for saving the environment and making you healthier. SIGG, the Swiss company that makes reusable water bottles, has posted a letter from its CEO admitting to having traces of BPA in its water bottle liners up until August 2008. That means that if you bought a SIGG water bottle before August 2008, chances […]