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This looks nice. Nicer than than MAN Spacetruck concept. Check out some photos inside from Autoblog.

This is amazing. But also so sickening the amount of wealth former Ukrainian president Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych was living in when the rest of the country was in such poor condition. After being ousted, Ukrainian protesters and citizens took control of his former palace and are beginning to open the house to the public. Inside, […]

Some destructo-porn for your Monday afternoon from NBC’s Revolution, a show about what happens 15 years after all electronics and machines stop working on planet Earth.

Stu Thomson went out to the Scottish Countryside with street trials rider Danny MacAskill and filmed this lovely stunt video around an abandoned industrial train terminal.

One clever person decided to intermix footage of the recent revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia of “Pale Blue Dot” to give an entirely different and immediate feeling to Carl Sagan’s classic narration. Very well done. [via]