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What a fun video by Till Nowak about a fictional experiment by a scientist (played by Leslie Barany) about how all of those carnival rides are actually all part of a research study about centrifugal force. Imagine if some of these rides existed! I’d love a 14-hour ferris wheel ride. ᔥ COLOSSAL

UltraReset – Using a smartphone for free subway rides from Intrepidus Benn on Vimeo. Wow, this video found over at Gizmodo shows a public transit turnstile being totally hacked via an Android device to allow for more passes on an expired public transit system fare card. The app demonstrated above made by Corey Benninger and […]

NYC The Blog posted an amusing video report about how some NYC residents are protesting fare hikes by buying unlimited Metrocards in bulk and then using them as group Metrocards or just swiping strangers through the turnstiles for free. An unlimited Metrocard in NYC can be used every 18 minutes as many times as you’d […]