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Every argument for the continued use of a BlackBerry is in my eyes a ridiculous one.

This is almost all catching up with Apple and not catching up with Android. Wrong tail to chase, RIM.


This should be the final nail in the coffin for RIM/BlackBerry right? BGR is reporting that  enterprise security experts agree that the iPhone is now just as secure as any BlackBerry device. Anybody suffering through the use of a daily BlackBerry is only fooling themselves.

You’ve seen this before. Here it is again on a different vehicle.

When is RIM going to realize that BBM is not a killer app for their platform anymore? Also, what is “Miss Singapore Universe”? Makes no sense.

Every time I watch a video from RIM about how their BlackBerry devices are changing work lifestyles, I cringe. I cringe because I can’t help but think about what’s going to happen to the companies they work with in a few years when RIM completely folds in on itself. I just can’t make myself believe […]