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The two photos above aren’t showing two different rims. It’s showing the same front Velocity Halo rim which glows bright white under direct light and reflects the light back at the viewer. When there’s no flash involved, the rim is a striking gun-metal grey (top image). These are awesome. Full bike photo soon.


Revolights are a set of thin profile LED rings that you can attach to your bicycle rim to simulate a flashing LED light display so people can see you better on the road when you’re out at night. [via] The project is currently looking for funding of $43,500 on Kickstarter and if all goes well, […]


Is this the signaling of BlackBerry’s realization that they no longer have a firm grasp on phone users simply because of BBM? BGR is reporting that RIM is thinking about releasing a BBM app for iOS and Android devices soon. If you know anybody who refuses to leave their BlackBerry device behind, one of the […]


BGR got a chance to sit in front of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and came away with a near-10-minute video of the device in action. Looks pretty damn slick if you ask me! Check out the video below! PS: Why is this guy out of breath?

Swedish design firm TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) just got picked up by RIM recently and already there’s talk about how their innovative user interface layouts might be implemented into future BlackBerry devices. One aspect of their work in particular is fascinating to me — the 2D/3D tracking on their mobile devices. The visual effect allows […]