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Australian designer Renee Warne designs these gorgeous stone rings for Billy Bride. So nice!

Over a year ago, I posted a video about how dolphins can blow bubbles rings underneath water and play with them as toys. I said at the time that dolphins were incredibly smart for being able to figure this trait out on their own. Well, it turns out that dolphins are even smarter than previously […]

In this video from Japan, a diver/trainer blows some air into the mouth of one beluga whale and watches as the same whale blows ring bubbles out of its mouth! Keep watching the video if you also want to see the whales dribbling a ball with their mouth underwater and doing somersaults. [via]

Why are dolphins considered one of the smartest animals in the sea? Well, this video may explain that answer to some degree. Here, we can see dolphins playing in the water with bubble rings that they have somehow learned to do on their own! According to Project Delphis, the dolphins create these bubble rings in […]