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Local ABC News affiliate filmed these scenes of small riots happening after the George Zimmerman verdict. This is why rioting is stupid. Because it does nothing for the cause they feel so “passionate” about, and in the end, it solves not a single thing.

I’ve seen portions of this video before, but never the full news report. Does anybody know if there’s a follow-up video or report that talks to these guys to get their take on the whole LA riots?

This is apparently just one of the wild incidents that took place after the Canucks lost game 7 in the most recent Stanley Cup Finals against the Bruins. Yikes, man, look at that guy fall. [via]

One clever person decided to intermix footage of the recent revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia of “Pale Blue Dot” to give an entirely different and immediate feeling to Carl Sagan’s classic narration. Very well done. [via]