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The graffiti community lost an important member today in Stay High 149, who passed away at the age of 61. Stay High 149 was a pioneer in the NYC graffiti scene, tagging his iconic man smoking a joint all over trucks, walls, and trains of yesteryear. His legacy will not be forgotten and I have […]

Shot with a Phantom HD camera at 1000fps, this video is actually only 4 seconds of pillow-shredding stretched to an astonishing 2 and a half minutes.

The simple pleasures in life are too soon forgotten. This baby is so cute! [via]

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Some really sad news in the graffiti world as FAUST brings news that his partner in crime, SURE, has passed away in the line of duty in Afghanistan. If you’ve got a keen eye for stickers and graffiti, you’ll no doubt recognize SURE’s impressive writing style combining graffiti and calligraphy as one expressive artform on […]

This is probably the weirdest and funniest Japanese video I’ve ever seen. “Broken Wear” is just one of the unusual stunts done in this video and I highly encourage you to watch the whole video for a good laugh. [via] Does anybody know where this comes from? TV show? Maybe just a crazy Japanese guy?

This is just about the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. RIP kitty!