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I don’t understand why they predicted the temperature so far in advance. Anyway, this video basically shows that North America will be a scorching place by 2084.


This interactive map from The New York Times shows how some cities would literally drown in water if sea levels rose. The silver lining here however (for now, at least) is that it may take centuries for this kind of sea level rise. But that’s not to say that sea levels can’t rise to these […]

VICE takes a brief look at how Hurricane Sandy was a big wake-up call to the nation in terms of readying cities for devastating storms due to global warming. In the video we see how Venice, a city known for being in water, stays operation during big storms through the use of the┬áMOSE Project. The […]


The single-park day pass for Disneyland has now risen $5 to $92 as of today. Man, that really sucks.

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com. Rising tensions in the Middle East? Are we ever not going to blame our problems on these guys? What’s with our domestic oil production??

I learned the other day that despite its massive debt, the USPS isn’t allowed to just raise stamp prices on its own to make up for it. They can only raise stamp prices at the same rate as inflation. And inflation is happening (it’s always happening)! This Sunday, the USPS will raise the price of […]